I am a PhD Student in the English department at Northeastern University, pursuing a Graduate Certificate in Digital Humanities and specializing in writing and rhetoric. My research draws from rhetorics of disciplinarity and humanities data modeling/analysis in order to study how academic fields have formed, and are continuing to reform, with the advancement of digital technologies. Leveraging computational text and bibliometric analysis techniques, my work has applications in textual data analytics and scholarly publishing. Moreover, it holds implications for the continued relevance and importance of the humanities, including our 21st-century understandings of possibilities for them, within and beyond the university. […]

I am currently a Managing Editor of Digital Humanities Quarterly, and will be starting Fall 2018 in the Office of the Dean, working on Civic Sustainability, Diversity, and Inclusion (CSDI) initiatives.

Lately, I am:

  • writing “Field and Focus” papers for my qualifying exams.
  • contributing to the Torn Apart / Separados project, which visualizes data to intervene in the Trump administration’s “Zero-Tolerance Policy.”
  • co-writing a “roundup” with a colleague for DHQ of the recent DH 2018 conference in Mexico City.

I am not currently holding regular office hours. Please email me to schedule an appointment.